4 Responses to “Very Early TV for the Wall”

  1. Allee Willis

    This thing is really great. Promotional thermometers were huge in the 50s. This is one of the most unusual ones I’ve ever seen.

    It almost looks like what’s inside the frame is made of plastic and is three dimensional but you say it’s a reverse painted silk screen. Is nothing three-dimensional and is it a real thermometer glued on there? Or is it just the starlet who’s silkscreened and the rest is actually plastic?

    I have a few actual TV sets that look just like this. The thermometer probably works better than they do.

    What does the sticker say at the bottom? is it a company that has anything to do with televisions?

  2. MyFunCloset

    A reply to how, what and where…yes there is actual demension to this piece. Background appears to be a light texured pattern on paper… then, an actual working thermometer is about 1/4″ deep on gold board glued in… on same level, a full color illustration of starlet … over all that is 5.5″ x 7.5″ clear glass, with 2 colors, gray and black silk screened from back side of glass. In the small open window below is the advertisement, that has NOTHING to do with television. “M. Saltzman Co. Scrap Iron and Metals” FRanklin 4761 Washington St. Akron Ohio.” is printed on gold paper set behind glass. This was a complicated promotion piece to hand out. This was my special 50c find last summer. Thank you for Certifikitch recognition!