3 Responses to “Art Van Damme Quintet “Martini Time””

  1. Allee Willis

    Now that’s the type of album cover record companies love because the budget’s so small. Although the little of it there is had to have been spent on the few jars of hair grease it took to sculpt the guy’s hair.

    The position of the girl’s hand holding the martini glass leads me to believe she pounded down a few before the photo was taken.

    My guess is that the striped piece isn’t a couch. Too heavy to move on a small budget. I vote for a headboard and they’re laying on a box or something.

    As for the lamp, it looks a little too traditional for me to want to see it any less blurry.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    ah, i see that mr. van damme just passed away this past february at the age of 89. and he was not related to jean claude.