Electric Liberace Hot Nuts Dispenser

Submitted by Douglas Wood March 23rd, 2010
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

Yep, that’s really what this is. ‘Ya can’t make this shit up. Standing 10″ tall, this rhinestone encrusted ceramic device is an electric Liberace hot nuts dispenser. Note the piano keyboards on each side, the name, piano and musical notes in relief on the front…

…the rhinestones heart on the lid (top view in photo above), a candelabra, staff of notes and “I’ll be Seeing You” in relief on the back…

¬© 1973 is on the bottom, so this was actually produced while Liberace was still alive. Insert appropriate “hot nuts” joke here.

11 Responses to “Electric Liberace Hot Nuts Dispenser”

  1. Allee Willis

    BEYOND STUPENDOUS!! I own a bunch of Liberace stuff, some of which were actually his possessions that were bestowed upon me by his manager of 37 years, Seymour “Shaggy Man” Heller, a classic Old Hollywood showbiz icon himself. I have one of Liberace’s living room lamps and am about to inherit a huge amoeba shaped coffee table if I can figure out an inch of space to jam it into into my house. So I have both commercial and personal Liberace artifacts. But NOTHING as good as this Hot Nuts dispenser. Its the real deal, it’s vintage and from a great year, it’s a HOT NUTS dispenser, it’s jeweled, it’s overdone, it’s electric, it looks like one of those dog and cat water dispensers, it’s got the candelabra, it’s got the music notes, it’s got a song title, “I’ll Be Seeing You”, a most appropriate title to grace a HOT NUTS dispenser. This is really very precious cargo sailing the sea of Kitsch.

  2. Nessa

    Oh my gosh. This is definitely most worthy of the Camembert award…. I have never heard of such a thing. If I had one, you can bet I’d put it on top of my piano.

  3. Mark Blackwell

    whoa!!!!!!!!! this is amazing! where did you get it? i didn’t know there was even such a thing as a hot nuts dispenser, much less a liberace hot nuts dispenser…

  4. Douglas Wood

    Found it last week at a church rummage sale for a dollar. I was late to the sale and everything was kind of picked over. Clearly no one was even remotely interested in the hot nuts dispenser (except me). As the cliche goes… “one man’s trash…”

  5. ginger

    Amazing. I have a Hot Nuts warming thing too, but it’s just plain. This is very cool. Mine works, but the nuts need to be sufficiently warmed first, as it doesn’t get that hot.