2 Responses to “Our Lady of the Dumpster”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love finds like this. My most favorite Kitsch is spotting things out in the real world.

    Very nice that the artist thought enough about their work to mount it over a trash bin. It’s so perfect that the bathing beauty is shading her eyes to see the view and it’s of trash.

    Does she just have exceptionally long hair or does her hair somehow mutate into a yellow beach towel? I also really love her boombox. And are those clouds in the sky and she’s sitting on the sidewalk or are those mysterious orbs in the ocean and she’s sitting on the sand?

    Is this thing nailed to the wall or is it just leaning there waiting to be picked up and shipped to the dump? If the latter, drop what you’re doing and head to this waste receptacle posthaste!

  2. Nessa


    This is painted directly on the outside wall of a building… so it’s not going anywhere for a long time, anyway. I don’t know if it was graffiti or if someone did it as decoration for their shop.

    I’m not sure if the white orbs are clouds or places where they’ve covered up other graffiti or tags. I can’t tell. I’m not sure what is ocean and what is sky, but I assume she’s sitting on sand.