The Lemonade Stand, 1972

Submitted by denny April 2nd, 2010

This was my lemonade stand and the best gift I ever received back in ’72. I was obsessed and felt that when I stepped behind this toy/stand, i was in my own little pretend world. I always did love the fact that the “N” was backwards. It came with a little cash register, play money, dishes and a little table that wasn’t featured in this picture!

5 Responses to “The Lemonade Stand, 1972”

  1. MeshuggaMel

    That’s fantastic! I can’t help but notice, however, that only two of the three lemonade stand attendants have color-coordinated attire. Is Mr. Yellow Shirt an interloper from the banana stand next door?

  2. denny

    That little guy in the yellow shirt was our assistant and he is now a clothing designer in the UK, owns a victorian home in Cape May and a brownstone in NY. We always tease him about this pic as he is holding the wallet, the interloper has done very well. lol

  3. windupkitty

    this is pretty much the cutest thing that has ever happened in the world! ok, i’m definitely building one of these for my friend’s daughter.the awning is priceless!!!!!!!!!

  4. denny

    I’m all about fantasy and I was pretty much a lonely kid. I grew up around a lot of girls so I guess it was no surprise when I had to be the Mommy and design Barbies houses out of cardboard…..wait, am I digressing here? This Lemonade stand was so much fun!