Cardboard Doll House

Submitted by denny June 18th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this cardboard doll house at the dump. It contained bits of broken pieces inside and someone even made their own hand made area rugs cut to the exact size of the rooms. I photographed every aspect of this piece as I thought the colors on this were pretty good.

Front of the house that pulls down to reveal the inside.

Both sides have the same artwork.

The back of the house.

The bits n’ bobs that were left behind inside of the house.

Shot of both floors.

Shot of the living room and upstairs bedroom.

Dining room and bathroom shot.

5 Responses to “Cardboard Doll House”

  1. Allee Willis

    It’s unbelievably detailed for a cardboard house. Has the same detail as tin litho houses of the day.

    I love that someone handmade their own rugs. Always a nice touch, especially in an attempt to fancy up the cardboard.

    Did you take this or just photograph it there? With all the painting you’re doing I would always take something like this. You never know when the paintings will demand to be more dimensional and it’s great to have an inventory. This is such great stock.

  2. denny

    What I discovered about the one dump close to my house is that behind the dump store is their “trash dumpster”. At the end of each day they throw stuff away. I literally pulled this from the dumpster and NOT the dump store.

  3. Douglas Wood

    Denny– I love the image of you rummaging around in a big dumpster, searching for kitsch. I myself am not ashamed to admit there isn’t any place too disgusting to explore if I suspect there’s treasure to be found. Spiders, mold, rat droppings– nothing can deter me from the hunt.

  4. denny

    Doug, that’s funny. I told everyone here about going into the actual trash but didn’t even tell my partner that I was scouring the dumpster bin itself! It’s been years since I actually went “diving” and kept looking around like I was breaking a law or something! Down and dirty indeed!