5 Responses to “Cat Pitcher”

    • Nessa

      It’s about 5.5″ tall, cream-pitcher sized.

      When I say “hand painted,” I mean I thought it was one of those home-done jobbers where somebody goes to a ceramic place or class and paints their own ceramic ware, because it was kind of messy and the back of it was entirely unpainted, though it had flowers on the back too, they weren’t painted…

      But I looked at it again, and it has a sticker on the bottom for Relpo of Chicago, so I guess it is factory painted after all!

      It does match the poodle pin well, doesn’t it?

    • Nessa

      Yeah, I would say it’s good for a cream pitcher, though it’s a little bigger than what I would usually call a cream pitcher, it’s not big enough to be a pitcher for much else!