Denny’s Adventure’s in “Willis Wonderland” – part 1

Submitted by denny June 30th, 2010
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If there was ever a wonderland for me, Willis Wonderland would be it. As soon as I walked into this cotton candy fantasy, I was floored, lost my breath and my hair stood on end. The raising of my arm hair is no joke, it’s on film. I can honestly look around this house and say to people, “this is what the inside of my head looks like”. Before I even had a chance to dive into this wonderland, I was greeted by a gigantic pie, made of chocolate and bananas, what way to start off my adventure. I am still reeling from my trip that I can’t recall the exact name of this pie.

As I was consuming my pie I was being guided by the queen of kitsch herself , Allee. I was like a kid in a candy store with bowls full of REAL candy guiding me throughout my first tour of “Willis Wonderland”. Like my friend Joan says about, “it feels like home”. So true.

Welcome to “Willis Wonderland”, I’ll be your tour guide. This is heaven and to me felt like I was walking into a bushel of cotton candy. To the far left of the picture above you can see the wall that was built for Debbie Harry’s video, “French Kissing In The USA”. Thank you Allee! A very cool piece of pop history indeed.

Talk about inspiring someone to create. This is the “drink bar” at “Willis Wonderland” and was built by Allee. To the right is the fabulous vintage washer that assists in keeping the beer cold whenever there is a function at the Wonderland.

This is a shot of the bar from behind. Note how the bar is two-tiered with those little shelves that might be a platform for serving whatever libation one ordered. Cocktails in style.

This is wonderland and a place I never wanted to leave. Everywhere you turn there was a little piece of heaven. I wanted that green table in a big way!

The lovely Dina. Dina filming me and me filming Dina. Such a lovely person! Go Dina, go Dina, go Dina!

A little office bungalow. Note the doors with “port holes”.

Another fabulous port hole!

I felt like I was on on island. I absolutely love the palms and the “hut like” look here of this little place.

11 Responses to “Denny’s Adventure’s in “Willis Wonderland” – part 1”

  1. Allee Willis

    Excellent documentation, Denny. I myself am salivating to see Part 2 and if anyone already knows what this place looks like it’s me. I loved having you over. If anyone deserved a trip here it’s you who has been such a loyal, devoted and ever-flowing aKitschionado here at AWMOK.

    I should add a few footnotes to your commentary:

    I made the “Drink Bar” in 1985. I made a whole series of them from vintage American car bumpers. There was also matching furniture. And all the bars also came with bar stools.

    I also built the little office bungalow in 2002 when I had to break through a wall inside to make my recording studio bigger. I built it with Mark Tomorsky. We also built the other little huts in the photos.

    The little tiki hut in the bottom photo is a little library filled with thousands of vintage books and magazines.

    Dina Is my assistant. She’s been running this place for years.

    The pie was chocolate fudge with tons of bananas from 4 ‘n 20.

    Thank you, Denny! You’re welcome back any time.

  2. denny

    Thanks for the commentary Allee!
    Everyone should have a bar like this! Were these bars once sold to other akitschionados?

    As for the office bungalow, I could have spent my day in there as well! I think I need to be Dina’s assistant. Is there enough room for 2 chairs in there!? The views form this office is like sitting in front of a TV screen.

    I could have went crazy in the book hut for sure if I had more time at “Willis Wonderland”. I love my books and this collection almost made me break out into a sweat!

    Dina is the bomb. What a smile and she has the perfect energy to help make sure that “Willis Wonderland” runs smoothly.

    The pie. Oh the pie. It was hard to eat it as I knew I was in for one hell of a tour! Can we say easily distracted!

    I am seriously thinking about August.

    Look out “Willis Wonderland”, Denny’s come back home soon.

  3. shirlie williams

    What a wonderful home…Im so pleased you had a fantastic time, and I have loved all your photos…I could just sit by the pool right now… and that new camera of yours is just perfect for you !

  4. denny

    I’m coming back in August to continue my documentation of “Willis Wonderland”! I need to sit at my green fiber glass table and chairs!