Pick Up Sticks… no batteries necessary

Submitted by MyFunCloset June 30th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

“Pick Up Sticks” were so much a part of my childhood. This and “Jacks”. For those who didn’t play or don’t remember this game…toss the sticks out of the tube and carefully remove each stick one by one without disturbing the surrounding sticks. Each color was assigned points. Black 20 points, blue 10, green 6, red 5, yellow 4. I only knew that because the point sheet was in the tube when I found this at a yard sale.

3 Responses to “Pick Up Sticks… no batteries necessary”

  1. Allee Willis

    Without question, Pick Up Sticks was my game of choice as a kid. I got into Jacks a little later and really loved a game called Dig, which had little mallet with wax on the end of them that you used to pick up different letters and spell words. But Pick Up Sticks Was really the joint for me.

    I never had a set where only the tips were colored like the one you have here. I had both wooden sticks and plastic sticks. I was a little bit better with the plastic as there was a little more wiggle room but i always treasured the wooden ones more. I used to love putting my finger on one end of the stick and flipping a bunch of them all off at once. I still have a few sets lying around.

  2. MyFunCloset

    The packaging says the 40’s to me. I remember only the solid color sticks in the 50’s too. Also, I don’t recall playing for points, but it was on this tube so I thought I’d mention it. For me, it was more about just trying to get the most sticks. I get flashbacks when I see 50’s toys I long forgot about.
    Dig was not in my toy box. Don’t recall that game.