Denny’s Adventure in “Willis Wonderland” – part 4

Submitted by denny July 3rd, 2010
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Pink ceramic monkey that I just plotzed over. I have never seen one of these before. I love the expression on his face as if he too is welcoming who enter “Willis Wonderland”.

Wall made by Allee for the Debbie Harry video “French Kissing”. I felt like I was at a shrine or something asI am a huge fan of Debbie’s music.

Some goodies around the Wonderland. Ceramic fish, coconut head, acrylic grapes, ceramic shriners hat and to the left is the vintage washer.

Side of the one storage hut. Notice everything going on here like the fabulous grill.

I was absolutely head over heels for this fish sculpture.

Fiberglass table and chairs. This is one of my favorite things here at “Willis Wonderland” and they are comfy too!

Seeing this part of the house for the first time gave me goose bumps. It’s almost like the equivalent of being in “OZ”. Experiencing “Willis Wonderland” was like a dream.

13 Responses to “Denny’s Adventure in “Willis Wonderland” – part 4”

  1. Allee Willis

    Excellent documentation as usual, Denny. I’m sitting here typing this at your favorite lime green table as we speak. I’ll be spending most of the weekend working away on deadlines in the yard pictured here. I’ve always considered it more of a room and have decorated it as such as opposed to thinking of it solely as an outdoor space.

    The cow barbecue’s a 1958 Weber.

    The monkey was given to me as a gift by Pamela DesBarres, the world’s most famous groupie and greatest gift giver ever. He’s beautiful no matter what side you look at him from.

  2. MyFunCloset

    Denny, positively the most fun tour I’ve been on in a loooong time. This memory will be with you always.
    Allee, what joy it must be to wake up on your very own island every day.

  3. denny

    My Fun Closet…….It was like heaven to me. I discovered something every time I turned a corner at “Willis Wonderland”. Whoever enters the wonderland will always be greeted by a feeling of belonging there. To think, I had brought a book along to sit and read by the pool, what a joke, I couldn’t sit still while I was there and I never touched that book.

  4. Douglas Wood

    Enjoying the tour and hoping there’s even more to come. The minimalist fish sculpture is fantastic– the two bubbles push it from very good to great. Love the pink ceramic creature too, but I’m not convinced he’s a monkey. Looks like a stylized human to me, from the POV of a beatnik.

  5. denny

    Glad you are enjoying Doug. I have posted 15 parts so far and I’m not even done yet. I am having just as much of a blast going back through these photos, as if I am reliving my visit. As for the fish sculpture, it’s one of my favorite pieces at “Willis Wonderland”. I am saving the evening pictures for the last post. Seeing “Willis Wonderland” at night is magical.

  6. Michael Ely

    I look at every photo and see things I want, I want, I want! The fiberglass table and chairs are out of this world, and the 1958 Weber barbecue just kills me (it so belongs in my Tucson backyard).

  7. denny

    Glad everyone is enjoying the pictures. Having this new camera at “Willis Wonderland” captured everything perfectly. This camera didn’t take a bad shot. Everything is so clear so imagine what it’s like being in “Willis Wonderland”.

    • Mark Blackwell

      denny, i may have missed it somewhere if you mentioned it – but what kind of new camera did you get?

      • denny

        At Allee’s recommendation, I purchased a Canon Elph and believe me Mark, I haven’t taken a bad picture yet. It’s just a really wonderful camera.

  8. Mark Blackwell

    the best thing about willis wonderland is that every single time you visit, you notice something new…and wonderful…