A flash back to 1980!

Submitted by wendy July 11th, 2010

This was a picture that was taken in 1980. As you can see there is a fantastic combination of red velour coupled with the brown cushion and brown background, which looks as though it is about to be drawn into the light of the sun!

4 Responses to “A flash back to 1980!”

  1. denny

    I’m telling you, she looks like a kewpie doll. I think we all dressed in red velour! I stopped dressing in velour when I was about 16.

  2. shirlie williams

    The picture was taken in a studio paid for by my mother who also chose the dress..their followed a bitter arguement with me insisting thr dress was to twee, my mother won the battle.

    Yes Kewpie Wendy its you….

  3. windupkitty

    oh you ARE a little kewpie!!!! this is too adorable and you obviously have a divine glow….love how your hands are out like you’re read to rumble!!!