Denny’s Adventure’s In “Willis Wonderland” – part 15

Submitted by denny July 14th, 2010
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This is Allee making it a point to show me this fabulous “Certificate of Commendation” awarded to “Bubbles the Artist” from the city of Los Angeles! We love you “Bubbles”!

Presented to “Bubbles the Artist”.

I would kill for this. I think this print should be hanging in every household and this is also another item at “Willis WOnderland” that knocked the breath out of me.

This is an oil print that hangs at “Willis Wonderland” and looks to me like it is inspired by all those pulp novels from way back. I fell in love with this one as well.

An incredible 3-dimensional painting on glass.

This kills me but I should did hustle the candy dishes while I was at “Willis Wonderland”.

One of the most stunning signs hanging around at “Willis Wonderland”.

3 Responses to “Denny’s Adventure’s In “Willis Wonderland” – part 15”

  1. Allee Willis

    Photos 1 & 2: Yes, both Bubbles and I received official commendation from the city of Los Angeles. This was completely thrilling to me. If any of you don’t know, Bubbles the artist was my alter ego so the fact that someone who doesn’t actually exist received a commendation from my favorite city in the world did not go unappreciated by my kitschified heart.

    The portrait of Colonel Sanders is spectacular. I found it in a thrift shop on the way to Palm Springs in the late 80s. The price tag on it was $2200 but I got them down to $22 and so he has hung in my kitchen ever since.

    I found the small oil painting in photo number four at a flea market in Connecticut when I was there working with Cyndi Lauper in 1991. I love how elongnated the woman in front is and I think the guy serenading the gals with the violin looks like a wolf.

    The piece in photo number five is hard to see but it’s pretty spectacular as it’s three different levels of paintings inside the tiny frame. There is the background, then a cutout layer in front of it and then some drawings painted on the back of the glass.

    The next mirror sign, No Hustling Allowed, hangs right above my bedroom door.

    I found the Cinema Scope light-up sign on the same trip to Connecticut while writing with Cyndi Lauper. It was from an old movie theater around Greenwich and I found it in a salvage yard.

  2. denny

    The story behind the commendations just kill me! Go Bubbles Go!

    It’s the Colonel Sanders portrait that made me crazy. Another hair-raising piece of kitsch for me. It’s almost like a shrine to the chicken master.

    The women in this print look like they are from interested in being serenaded. Another piece of kitsch that makes me crazy.

    I didn’t realizee you can see my hands in the hustling sign!

    The Cinema Scope sign, well, that is gorgeous!

  3. windupkitty

    are you kidding?!??? Bubbles exists in all of us who have been lucky enough to view her art!!!!!!!! I’m so glad your beloved town can represent for the divine Bubbles; LA has it’s drawbacks, but at least the city understand some important things!

    That violinist looks like he has the mumps….maybe that’s why the girls look so put off…..