4 Responses to “Atomic Glass Water Pitcher (with internal coolant rod)”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is fantastic. Have you tried it yet? Does it still work? I love the idea of this and, of course, love the stabursts on the glass. Are they etched in or painted white? Excellent find!

  2. windupkitty

    oh my god, i cant breathe!!!!!!! This is THE find of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!

    i collect anything/everything star patterned …gorham’s stardust, 1957, baby! in the past year, i found tiny cone shaped (a la verner panton cone chair,which i found years ago and always regret not going deeply in debt to purchase) sherry glasses, larger cone shaped beer glasses, and glass decanter…all with star patterns….every time i use one, i have an anxiety attack cause i’m afraid once i break them(which is inevitable) i’ll never find them again… so i take pictures ever time they’re enjoyed by my or with friends…gotta have something to look back on……and gotta share the love using them!

    man denny, use this in good health (jeez, it’s old, make sure it’s not made of lead!:) ) and enjoy it!!! that’s pretty special find!!!

  3. denny

    I just love the fact that none of us can breathe when we come into contact with something so mind blowing such as this pitcher! I feel the same way Wind Up!