4 Responses to “Orange Mushroom Ottoman”

  1. Allee Willis

    Oooh,I like this! I’ve seen these before and often wondered if they were really comfortable to sit on or awkward, neither of which would ormatter to me as I would’ve bought this for sure if I stumbled on it.

    What’s the material? It almost looks like velvet.

    That color is great in your living room.

    • Michael M.

      Yes, I’ve seen similar ones before too, but this one was being sold as a pair with a great avocado green. Each was in unusually good condition, so I bought them both. I’m not sure what the material is. It appears to be a synthetic fleece. The base is actually made of one of those thick cardboard tubes for pouring concrete. I can’t believe they’ve held up so well since the 80s with such cheap construaction. They’re easy to sit on but not especially comfortable.