The powder rooms

Submitted by MeshuggaMel August 30th, 2010
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A few pictures from my grandmother’s house. Her house is so groovy even the bathrooms are cool! First, the master bath. Note the silver wallpaper with fuzzy flocked yellow flowers to match the yellow tiles – on the walls AND ceiling. Hard to see but the overhead light fixture is a chandelier.

The wallpaper is so cool it warrants a close up:

A few shots from the hallway bathroom. Sadly the flocked wallpaper here (black and gold!) was damaged beyond repair, but the groovy mood remains. Here, some of my grandfather’s colognes and my grandmother’s perfumes.

A close up on the perfumes. The hippo actually contains lip balm.

As I mentioned, the original black and gold flocked wallpaper is no more, but the new wallpaper is at least innocuous. Note how the medicine cabinet is framed like a painting, the shower door is amber and the linen cabinet has moorish doors with open slats. Thank goodness the towels match the room! The painting was done by my mother.

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  1. Allee Willis

    I’m plotzing yet again from the FLOCKED wallpaper! Where is it damaged? You can’t see that in the photo. Or is that an older photo?

    The amount of the perfume and cologne bottles is killing me. Though not as much as that towel hanging up which I would bet is part of the permanent display and not for everyday use. And a fairly matching bath mat to boot! And what about the marble countertop?!

    I’d love to see a close-up of the painting done by your mother who was obviously a Modigliani fan.

    How many rooms are in the house?

    For any of you who haven’t seen the rest of MeshuggaMel ‘s grandmother’s house it’s worth the trip:

    And tons more separate pieces if you go to MeshuggaMel’s page:

    • MeshuggaMel

      The top two photos are from the master bath, which thankfully still has the silver and yellow flocked wallpaper (it does look black in the close up). The rest are from the hallway bathroom, where the wallpaper was damaged when part of the ceiling needed to be replaced. That was black with gold flocked fleur-de-lis-ish designs.

  2. denny

    I absolutely cannot believe this. Every inch of this bathroom is stunning. I love the hippo lip balm! I have to go check out the other rooms. I also LOVE your Moms painting.

  3. MyFunCloset

    All the room decors you have posted are so authentic, so genuine, so chaotic in an orderly way. Lucky to have such unique grandparents.