The man behind DEVO…

Submitted by MyFunCloset September 20th, 2010
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Just this past Wednesday we had creative jolt at “Studio 2091”, a collective group showing at an art gallery in Cuyahoga Falls Oh., organized by Amy Mothersbaugh Roos, who just happens to be the sister of DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh. I snapped these pictures of Mark’s work on display, dating back to his college days at Kent State in the early 1970’s.

For more information on DEVO and Mark Mothersbaugh: This is short clip from a Today Show … an overview of Mark’s success in the music world. What they don’t mention is his sincere visual creative passion.

The following comments are quotes from sister Amy about his artist visual creativity in a recent newspaper article about this show . . .

“Mark’s first love is art,”‚ĶThe postcards series came about because on tour Mark only had time to do a little postcard sized artwork. He started sending family and friends, and he saved over 40,000 of them. They became the Postcard Diaries.”

A close up shot of his creative postcards created over the years…

” A small cabinet contains memorabilia from Mothersbaugh’s childhood, including a ring binder notebook containing biology class notes and many drawings.”

“‚Ķalso includes several older pieces, such as the ceramic figures from his Kent State days.” … love the little bunny.

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  1. Allee Willis

    I’ve been friends with Mark since we first worked together with Toni Basil in 1981. We also were in a bunch of the same art shows in the 80’s and we spent enormous amounts of time in each others houses as both of us loved to entertain. Mark’s a brilliant multimedia artist and has become one a very successful film composer over the last decade. His postcard art is incredible. I have one than he did of me that I’ll have to post one day. So great that you got to see his early work up close!

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this video of one of my parties from the early 1990’s but there’s some great footage of Mark with the Del Rubio Triplets singing “Whip It” –