Ice Tapper

Submitted by Nessa November 11th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I picked this up only because I liked the graphic on the box… and also I kind of desired cracked ice. If I recall, I got it at one of those church sales selling everything you could stuff in a plastic grocery bag for a dollar.

So, I know you’re thinking: “Does it work?” Well, the answer is “Yes.” However, it also sends splintery shards of ice flying everywhere, and I think it’s quite the eye hazard, wear goggles! Also, your hand freezes off while you’re holding the ice cubes. Not to mention it would make a really good weapon… knock somebody in the face with this thing with only a little effort!! It wobbles around and it’s easy to miss the cube… basically it is a very violent and dangerous way to crack ice, haha… so I think it’ll probably just stay on a shelf.

Obligatory self-portrait in the reflective surface…

The instructions read: “Place ice cube in palm of hand. With the other hand vibrate the Tap-Icer with wrist action. After a few light taps, the ice cracks into many pieces. The special spring action does the trick. Vibrate about two to three inches above the flat surface of the ice. Don’t pound.”

Pounding or not, the ice still flies all over… maybe I just don’t know my own strength! Claims to be made by the Tap-Icer Co. of Summit, New Jersey, Patent numbers 2474100-3155329.

The internet tells me it was patented in 1949. Despite my negative review, I found several websites singing the praises of this thing, so your mileage may vary.

6 Responses to “Ice Tapper”

  1. Allee Willis

    I actually own 3 of these I’ve picked up through the years but none of them have their boxes so I never really knew what they did other than someone did tell me they were for ice. Thank you so much for printing the instructions as now I will be a splinter expert!

    The box graphics are great.

    Whenever I’m around any rounded mirror surface I always take a self portrait so I’m glad you had the instinct.

  2. denny

    I’m seeing these everywhere lately. I did buy one and it’s submitted here. Mine comes with a canvas bag to put the ice in and a wooden mallet. My box also has great illustrations. These kill me!

  3. Mark Milligan

    Is it me or does “Tap Icer” sound kinda like an 80’s rapper name.
    I am so glad to see you back on here Miss Nessa! Your comments always make me smile *smile*.

    The packaging is awesome.

    And it looks like if you wanted to check your knee reflexes you could handily do it yourself with this handy-dandy gee-gaw.

    • Nessa

      Haha, it could be an 80s rapper, you could get quite the street-cred swinging this thing around! (OK, maybe not.) I’m sure it would make a pretty good reflex-tester.

      Thanks for the compliment! Hopefully I won’t be making any more unannounced disappearances any time soon. =)