Enid Collins Box Bag #2 – Untitled

Submitted by Nessa November 21st, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Here is my second Enid Collins bag. I can’t remember when or where I got it. Instead of being decorated with mostly stones, it has a papiermache and string design of flowers. Really cool and textural.

Cool, eh?

And it has a huge mirror and a cool green interior!

The inside is as good as the outside on this one!

6 Responses to “Enid Collins Box Bag #2 – Untitled”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’ve never seen this particular Enid Collins Box Bag either. She usually didn’t paint the inside of the boxes, only inscribed them, so this one is fabulous. And I love that she made such a big deal out of making the flowers out of papier-m√¢ch√© as to write it in the interior of the box.

    The mirror looks like it’s in perfect shape, no hazing, which is wonderful.

    I always love the sound things make when I rustle them around in one of these Box Bags.

  2. k2dtw

    FABULOUS… I have never seen a Enid Collins Papier Mache Bag??.. I would LOVE to find one.
    The article on the history of Enid Collins, said in 1966 they opened another factory in Puerto Rico. It was in that factory the papier mache decorated bags were made (I imagine the papier mache jewelry too??) They closed the PR factory in 1968. So you can definately date your beautiful bag.

    This is another FAB EC site..I’ve never seen a picture of Enid.

    This has GREAT pictures and info on the bags…

    http://enidcollection.com/item/1/ ..PAPIER MACHE BAG EC PERSONAL COLLECTION

    http://enidcollection.com/item/126/ .ALLEE THEY HAVE YOUR WISE GUYS BAG!!…

    http://enidcollection.com/item/97/ …THIS IS A FAB PAPIER MACHE BAG LOLLIPOPS…

    In 1970, Enid Collins sold her business with the copyrights to her designs to the Tandy Corporation.
    Bags made after 1970, have the “Collins” name and horse logo, but Enid’s name will not be on the bag.

  3. Douglas Wood

    Never seen these before but they sure are cool. Don’t normally pay much attention to purses at garage sales but will now keep my eyes open, hoping to be lucky enough to come across one of these that’s affordable.