Writing and Recording with DMC!

Submitted by Allee Willis December 14th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Nothing especially kitschy here but soulful and slammin’ and I’ve always been a massive Run DMC fan so was most excited to be in the studio yesterday writing, recording and singing with DMC! My friend Gail Zappa, pictured with us, married to Frank and mom of Dweezil, Moon, Ahmet and Diva, set it all up as DMC’s producer, the great Jared Lee Gosselin, was recording in Frank’s studio.

I had an absolute blast, we wrote lightning fast – finished 90% of the record in a day – and it sounds fantastic! A little more work on it this week and hopefully it will be out in about a month. Will keep you posted.

Special words from the God of Kitsch who watched over us:

8 Responses to “Writing and Recording with DMC!”

  1. denny

    I’ve been meaning to tell you. Wasn’t Gail at that panel you spoke on that you took me to? I met Gail there and enjoyed every minute of chtting with her. Such amazing energy.

  2. windupkitty

    Wow, this is just too cool….Run DMC was the first concert I wasn’t allowed to go to! Let’s see, it was them and The Beastie Boys touring together in 1986? 87? My pops said “No Way” I cried. I really did. :D

    Man, can’t wait to hear this record! What a bitchin’ life you lead!