Denny’s Adventures in Allee Willis’ “Willis Wonderland” (Part 81 – August 2010)

Submitted by denny December 22nd, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Love this atomic design, mosaic art which is part of a dresser at “Willis Wonderland”.

I love this gorgeous vase. This sits in a bedroom at “Willis Wonderland”, the same room where Debbie Harry’s “French Kissin’ In The USA” video was filmed.

I love, love, love this piece of kitsch! I don’t know what it was initially used for but it’s obvious that it does make a fabulous holder for the tv remotes.

I die over this planter and have been on the hunt ever since seeing this. They are really hard to get a hold of.

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  1. Allee Willis

    I found the mosaic piece in the first photo at a thrift shop and used to use it as a tabletop. You can’t see the front of this three level wrought iron and glass shelving unit but it used to hang on the wall. I moved it to the ground and it was freestanding for years but always made my bedroom look so messy because you could see straight through it from all sides. I had no place the keep the table anymore so decided to attach the mosaic top to the side of the shelf to eliminate the bad view as that’s what faces the entrance to the living room. The greatest part of this unit though is an amoeba shaped wrought iron and cowhide piece that latches onto the front of it. That used to be part of my bed frame but I finally stopped sleeping on foam, which I had done for almost 30 years, and now that I have an actual bed I gave up the footboard to be part of this shelving unit. The next time you’re here you’ll have to shoot it from a different angle so all these pieces coming together will make sense for everyone reading this.

    The pink vase with the grapes on it was found at a thrift shop for 25¢. I keep my TV remotes I use nightly in it.

    As you can see the rest of the TV remotes sit in the wooden music case in your third photo. I found this little box right after I wrote “September”, when my collecting of anything that had music notes on it kicked into high gear.

    I collect all things Shriners so snapped up this planter as soon as I saw it. I would have preferred it to be in color but have grown quite attached to the plain ol’ white. It’s not like there isn’t a lot of other color to look at in the immediate vicinity!

  2. denny

    You have no idea how magical I think this room is. Being in this room makes me feel like I am looking out at a gigantic tv screen, the view from this room is so gorgeous.

    I cannot thank you enough for letting me photograph so much at “Willis Wonderland”.

    I’m obsessed with your white shriner statue.

    The mosaic panels are so amazing and now after meeting you, I look for mosaic everywhere I go.

    Can I please revisit this room again when I am next out there next, with my elph of course!

  3. Iamfluff

    I was hoping the Shriners planter was a statue of one of the members of 3Mustaphas3. A band I still miss and the only band I ever wrote a fan letter to.
    French Kissing in the USA. Oh sigh! Memories!


  4. denny

    I Am Fluff: watch the tv that Debbie is watching and you will see Allee kiss the tv screen.

    If you want some fabulous shots of “Willis Wonderland”, check out my older posts from June 2010.