3 Responses to “Little Oly Ashtray”

  1. Allee Willis

    And I think I know what that surprise is! Do you pull the can down and the appendage that’s on the opposite side of the human body from the “can” reveals itself?

    I have about five of these bottle ashtrays though none of them have any movable parts so perhaps are not quite as special as Little Oly.

    Love his mouth.

  2. Nudie Girl

    You pick Little Oly up by his ashtray hat, and his can body slides up, then stops, and his surprise (Little Oly’s Little Oly?) flops out. Simple, yet ingenius engineering. Can you imagine the fun his creator had with this? I’ve crocheted a couple of Beer Can Hats in my day, but Little Oly ashtray can man beats all . . .