6 Responses to “Vintage Life-Time Hair Trimmer comb”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have an entire case of these but with African-American models in nearly the exact same poses and instead of a predominantly green background it’s red. I have the display box they came in too.

    I never ever used a trimmer but have always been tempted to open up one of my Afro ones and try it on the little shaved patch I always sport near my neckline in back.

    I get using the Hair Trimmer Combo on the guys but it seems pretty extreme to use it on a flip as is happening to the middle model.

  2. agrafix81

    Alleewillis, would you be willing to sell a few of those combs? My mom is 70yrs old and this is how she cuts her hair!! her comb finally broke after 30yrs! Please let me know. Thanks!!!