9 Responses to “Ford Times and Lincoln Mercury Times, 1963”

  1. Allee Willis

    I always love recipes from favorite travel destinations. What I love even more is that these were put out by a car company. This was in the Golden Age of car travel. How exciting to drive that far just for a good meal.

    There’s a Sportsman’s Lodge in Studio City, California that still exists but from what I can see from the photo it’s a different place than the one in the book. I’ve eaten at the Sportsman’s Lodge here quite a few times and although I absolutely adore the place, which still has little bodies of water with bridges and live swans, the food has never been anything nothing to write home about let alone glorify in a book.

    Have you made any of the recipes?

  2. lindaz

    No.. I haven’t made anything. Usually I can read a recipe and know if it will work or not since I’ve written so many cookbooks and recipes. The food there today is nothing exceptional, and I believe the new owner is the guy who owns Mexicali on Ventura Blvd just west of Laurel Canyon.

  3. lindaz

    I write about any food. Have 4 cookbooks (2 dessert books, a chicken soup book & a Grills & Greens (which was nominated for a Jame Beard Award…didn’t win.. but that’s ok) and used to publish a book called “The Food Yellow Pages” which was a food resource directory for LA. Very cool book.

  4. lindaz

    Have some from like Great Dinners from Life, I’m sure some good recipes. Vincent Price…that he signed to me (we actually traded books and autographed each others to each other when he was alive), Dinah Shore, 1954 Family Circle Dessert and Fruit Cookbook. A1928 Royal Baking Powder cookbook, … Some from the 30’s… Sort of a hodge podge that I collected through the years. Not lots, but some choice.

    • Allee Willis

      I have Someone’s In The Kitchen With Dinah. Is that the one you have? Would love to see the Vincent Price one, autographed no less. Family Circle Dessert and Fruit Cookbook sounds like it has excellent kitsch possibilities as well. I love the photos even more than the recipes.

      • lindaz

        I have that one and another one that’s from the ’80s. I’ll photograph Family Circle soon. Also fun that I have is the New Joys of Jello-O from the 70s, but great pictures…even one with a Peter Maxx-like cartoon. This one has the famous stained-glass jello-o.