15 Responses to “50’s Ceramic planter”

  1. Allee Willis

    Fantastic planter! Colors and shape are great.

    Does finding things at the dump mean everything is free? Why on earth wouldn’t someone have charged for this?

    These kind of cactuses are all over Willis Wonderland.

  2. Iamfluff

    That is lovely! It reminds me of a cactus punch bowl an artist friend’s wife made. She was an artist too and I wish I was still in touch with her. She blew glass! That has always been a dream of mine. She made this cactus punch bowl and hanging off the needles were little red blossom shaped cups. It was magnificent! I wish I had a picture of it.

  3. denny

    Glad everybody likes it!
    It was funny to walk into the “gift hut” at the dump and see this just sitting there, ready to be snatched up….

  4. denny

    Well, your going on a dump run in 2011 if it all works.

    Yes, every “dump store” or “gift hut” as they are sometimes called is ALWAYS FREE at ALL TIMES. Most of the townships have a dump/gift hut. I go to three of them on a regular basis.

    You walk in (some dumps make you show a township sticker but sometimes, certain dumps will still let me in) and you simply shop and pick up anything you you see and walk out the door. BAM, free shopping.

    Here is the video that is part of a pending post here on awmok.com and the kitschenette about “dump shopping”……It’ll ‘give you an idea of process and the rules are that you shop for no longer than a half an hour or so….