Pyrex Covered Casserole with Bamboo Carrier

Submitted by Karen December 31st, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this casserole at a steal (well it felt like I stole it since it was so cheap) and it is in perfect condition. I just don’t know what pattern it is as only being call “unidentified”. I love Pyrex and am under the impression this was one of their promotional items but can’t find anything on it. Went to all the websites on Pyrex and nada…zilch.

If anyone has any input I would be forever greatful! Speaking of great, what a fantastic site this is. I can get lost in this site just by looking at all the neat photos!

5 Responses to “Pyrex Covered Casserole with Bamboo Carrier”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’ve never seen this Pyrexs pattern before which makes me like it even more as I love all Pyrex. The orange color is great and the design is so unusual. And then that it’s complete with bamboo carrier is the cherry on the sundae. There’s some Pyrex dishes here at AWMOK already but none have this pattern. There’s got to be a whole set out there somewhere in the universe.

    Makes me very happy that you’re enjoying looking at things here at AWMOK. There’s a fantastic bunch of people here so I hope we see way more of your stuff.

  2. Karen

    I enjoy this site to the fullest. Very inviting as well as entertaining.

    As far as the Pyrex goes I am always surprised how you can find a piece in great condition that is years old but I have things in my kitchen that look like they have been thru their own kitchen war. Cracks chips scratches…etc.

  3. Karen

    I have come across a few of them with odd or unidentifiable patterns. All the research I have done points to these as coming with a bonus holder or what not were promotional. Still can’t be certain on that though. I even went to far as to go thru Pyrex for this and got absolutely nowhere.