6 Responses to “McPussy”

  1. Allee Willis

    Another unexpected gift from our South American friends.

    I love that McPussy is “maxima limpieza”. I’m not quite sure what that is but it sounds appropriate. I’m also happy to hear that McPussy is new and durable. That always helps.

    • windupkitty

      maxima limpieza is roughly translated to “maximum cleaning power” (or that’s what our labels would say here in the states……hahahahahaha new and durable…..you kill me!!!!! hahah ahahaha

  2. denny

    This is a beautiful product.

    Nice to know that McPussy can retain his “maxima limpieza” for a long time……

    Mister Null, your “go ahead ma” comment was priceless!

  3. windupkitty

    aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaahah!!!!!! ok, this is my new cuss word! can’t wait to yell this at someone when i’m driving!

  4. BRBill

    My sink says a couple of these can come live in it and they are in colors other than standard yellow! Must go troll the Mexican groceries for some of these.