11 Responses to “Santa Dog Pulling Sleigh”

  1. Allee Willis

    I know the holidays have now passed but there are a few Christmas stocking stuffers still left in at AWMOK and this Dalmatian led tin sleigh with the triangular Santa is too cute to wait for next year.

    Does the dog bounce up and down when it moves? And where are Santa’s presents? Maybe this is his recreational vehicle.

    • Planet Joan

      The dog does bounce. It is attached by his string reins, and a small detachable metal insert.I think this Japanese Santa is storing his presents on his dashboard.

    • Allee Willis

      I have that formica pattern on a both a small table in red and a rolling cart in blue. It’s also in white on the underside of my boomerang Formica kitchen table. That ice pattern remains my absolute favorite Formica design.

      • k2dtw

        I’ve seen lots of grey tables, always love them with their chrome base.. The green is fabulous, the other colors must be SO COOL!!
        P/Joan, would love to see your table on AWMOK???..

      • windupkitty

        Here, here on the ice pattern! My favorite for drum wraps too! That seafoam green is dreamy…I”m actually wearing a fleece in that color right now :) We had a bright yellow ice formica table growing up and about 4 months ago I saw one in a junk shop in Pacifica…I went nuts! BUt it was expensive and I don’t have room.I’m such a furniture-a-holic that I have to be carefulllllllllllllllllll……ebay has tortured my soul as recently as 2 weeks ago when I found a billion dollar credenza that I’ve literally dreamed about since.sigh. I really am just happy to see things preserved though, so a high price will hopefully ensure the right buyer :)