13 Responses to “A Glamour Shot picture”

  1. denny

    One thing that kills me is the hair-cut. It almost makes me want to know him just so I can say “dude, um, why”? At least he had the balls to pose like this. He must really like himself.

  2. denny

    Doug, I completely forgot where I got this guys picture…..I used to get a lot of those prom and grad postings forwarded to me…..

    I’m surprised my own prom pics didn’t show up on those postings.



  3. windupkitty

    Oh man, the adonis pose kills me… And yes, why!?! I feel shame FOR this guy sine he seems to lack an appropriate amount…..Can’t wait to check out Doug’s post…hadn’t seen this photo till now……

  4. Kyle Dayton

    If this is a graduation picture (it certainly looks like it!), then things sure have changed since I was in high school…if one of my male classmates would’ve posed for something like this, he probably would’ve been laughed off the planet, no matter how good looking he was. This guy has enough confidence (arrogance?) for an entire graduating class.