Austrian cow salt and pepper shakers

Submitted by hotshotjumpgirl January 22nd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

These are my Austrian Alps cow salt and pepper shakers. Purchased on a holiday weekend in Tirol while I was stationed in Germany serving in the US Army in 2001.  The bell on top is a replica of those worn on the necks of the real cows who graze the mountainside.  The bells are often used during ski races!  That is the sound you may hear during the winter Olympics as an Austrian competitor  flies down a slope.

8 Responses to “Austrian cow salt and pepper shakers”

  1. Allee Willis

    I know the exact sound of the bells these cows are wearing. It’s one of my favorite things about watching skiing during the Olympics. I never knew what the bells signified but now know that they’re the sound of the humble cow, perhaps my favorite barnyard animal.

    I do love that these are hand-painted. It looks like the artist got a little slaphappy on the cow on the right (the cows’ right). Looks like he’s got a big pimple on his nose and look at all the brown glaze that somehow got flung on his front. That’s what I love so much about these kind of things.

    How lucky are the heifers to have their own little carrying case?

    • hotshotjumpgirl

      Thank you Allee! I thought these were so fun when I bought them. Over the years when I do Spring cleaning I have considered donating or trashing them but never could do it. Even though I don’t use them for cooking or on the table they are fun to have around. I’m glad you like them too!

    • hotshotjumpgirl

      Haha! Yes my kitty containers. Another European purchase. These are from a thrift store in the little village of Langeselbold, Germany. I keep tea in one and the other holds pakets of Sweet and Low :-).

      Maybe I will use these for a seperate submission! Thanks!