12 Responses to “Pixie 11 x 14 (2010, a painting by Denny)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love this guy. Everything is so oversized except his head and legs. He looks very happy. I would be too if I had shoes that made such a curl. Excellent color palette. I like the orange and flesh tone against the coral.

  2. denny

    I was just talking to the lady who owns “If the Shoe Fits” (first retail business to sell my paintings here!!) and I mentioned that one of the aspects of painting that I love is the ability to laugh at the finished product.

    It’s an amazing feeling.

  3. denny

    They took on 8 paintings to start out with. Their store space always changes with how they arrange things. They wanted to display “Sweet City Soul Sisters” but that one is huge.

    I really was out of breath and poor CeCe just looked at me and smiled. She’s a great lady and neither oe of them would let me take their picture.

    They have:

    Lady With Really Boobs At The Beach Skinny Dipping
    The Bride
    Asian Lady With Bee-Hive
    Lady With Big Purple Flower In Hair
    Bette Midler
    Wig Shop
    Cabaret (the one where the guy looks like he a “dummy” and performing in a vaudeville show)

  4. denny

    Oh I forgot to ad, Remi (CeCe’s business partner) commisioned me to do a painting. She wants something similar to the “Asian Lady Bee-Hive” painting as she is remodeling a room in her home!

    Can we say YAY here?

  5. windupkitty

    wow, congrats on getting more painting to the masses!! that’s awesome!!!!!!! this pixie elf is insane…i love when you post your paintings cause as the picture loads, I always get a laugh…the anticipation is excellent! :D so, this pixies is just straight up high, right?

  6. denny

    Thanks Wind-Up! This elf makes me laugh but I can’t wait to post the cat I just painted. Talk about nutty. I love it when I paint and I end up laughing at the finished product. I’ve said that before.

    I was listening to the “Ink Spots” last night while putting the finishing touches on “Nibbles”. I titled it that for one reason. I had no idea the Allee’s cats, Sweet Potato and Niblet were not on good speaking terms with their momma, Nibbles. I had picked up Nibbles one day and didn’t realize that her children were lurking around on the nearby cat house and when I turned around to put Nibbles on the cat house, I had started a huge fight between momma and her children. Needless to say Momma Nibbles ground each claw into my skin and had this insane look on her face.

    Nibbles was the inspiration for my recent painting. WHo knew that painting kitties coudl be so much fun.

  7. k2dtw

    Denny this is great….Congratulations!!!
    Titles are great!!!… Are your paintings online to view? Can you send the link? Wondering “If The Shoe Fits”…are they online?

  8. windupkitty

    Oh man, cat drama! We’ve got plenty of that around here! Its so weird the way cats decided who they are going to beat up on and who gets the love! And bad news when you’re in the middle of it….At some point, when I get enough footage, I’m submitting one of our permanent residents…I’m not even sure if she’s related to the feline species….

    Can’t WAIT to see your painting immortalizing the QoK’s kitty! Glad you’re digging the Ink Spots, they had several members rotate in and out over the years…those are some recording from the 30’s…Somehow to me, listening to them can change the time and place immediately…It’s suddenly a lazy summer day in the south in 1930…warms ya up in the winter, I think……

  9. denny

    Hey K2 – I submitted a two part submission here documenting “If The Shoe Fits”. I am on Face Book and keep ALL my paintings in a folder there. Feel free!

    Wind-Up – In spite of the cat drama I started for about 5 minutes at “Willis Wonderland”, I do have to say they are the best group of kitties ever. Allee rescued them and I believe they are content to be living in such an amazing place with tons of love.

    I do have one scar from that day!

    • windupkitty

      oh yeah, man, are you kidding? As we know, cats choose their people…those cats know exactly how good their lives are and that they living in the coolest place on earth! (Their mama’s didn’t raise no fools!)