Mod Betty’s Kitsch-en “I Will Hold The Teabag”

Submitted by Mod Betty January 31st, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

You know it’s love when you’re pleased that your husband picked up your birthday gift at a local garage sale – and that’s where this cute little teapot shaped/ apple shaped? teabag holder came from. He/she’s a bit worn around the edges, but I love the stamped on lettering, airbrushed rosy cheeks and off-kilter smile. Since I’m a tea drinker, especially in these freezing cold winters, this lil guy gets a workout, but when not in use, sits perched atop the stove awaiting another cuppa!

8 Responses to “Mod Betty’s Kitsch-en “I Will Hold The Teabag””

  1. Allee Willis

    Thank God I have two of these or I’d be mighty jealous right about now. Both of mine are primarily pink. I like the green of yours though because the cheeks and mouth show up better.

    I love how haphazardly the eyes are painted. Mine has this as well and also has missing blotches in the text.

    I don’t drink tea at all but always love serving these along with the tea when guests make a tea request.

  2. Mod Betty

    Allee how timely your posting of this tea holder as I’m using it right now upon my return home from work. A hot cup of tea is needed in these parts, where we’re expecting yet another snow/ice storm! I’ll be crossing my fingers for a snow day.

    RetroRoadhusband was looking over my shoulder as I typed this and said he’s going to print out the page and bring it to the folks who had the garage sale where he got it- they were sad to see this lil guy go, but as you can see, he’s in good hands!

  3. Mod Betty

    The white cutout thingy is actually the grille on the front of what used to be the exhaust fan above the stove. It was caked with paint and 50+ years of paint when we moved in, so I stripped it down and paint it white again.

    Since the fan doesn’t work anymore – and is a big ol’ hole in the wall that I’m sure our heat just flies out of – I cut a piece of orange mat board (left over from my picture framing days) and stuck it behind there to brighten the place up!

    The piece of pottery below is a chartreuse corn / celery Fiesta dish that I got at the Homer Laughlin factory in Newell WV on a rocknroll roadtrip we took from the Delaware Beaches to Chicago right before we were married. That place was crazy! Piles and piles of colorful dishes everywhere! I’m making a plan for us to swing by there on our RetroRoadtrip back from SXSW next month, figured it’s a good place to put on the RetroRoadmap!