Denny goes retail! (my paintings) PART 1

Submitted by denny February 1st, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

“If The Shoe Fits” is a local boutique owned by my friend CeCe.  She originally agreed to let me leave stack of my business cards on her counter.  Today though, I drove back and forth with my paintings as she wanted to start carrying them in her store considering her store is nothing but colorful!  Of course it’s exciting to me but I just didn’t like the feeling of not catching my breath which was most likely due to my excitement of displaying my paintings for the first time, in a retail shop that is.  It’s also pretty fab that my chiropractor is right down the hall from CeCe’s store!

Walk in this door and to your immediate right and left is the store “If The Shoe Fits”.  Bags and that sort of thing on one side and clothing on the other.

CeCe and her business partner decided on 8 paintings but the 8 are not visible in this picture.

The store is long and narrow.

Not a flattering angle of my big ol’ sicilian head but here I am posed next to my painting “The Bride”.    Please note that I am wearing my snap-button shirt with roses as my way of supporting and paying tribute to Temple Grandin.

15 Responses to “Denny goes retail! (my paintings) PART 1”

  1. Allee Willis

    I can’t even believe that I published part two yesterday before I published part one… My apologies, Denny. Cherpumple fumes must have gone to my head.

    Congratulations, Denny! I’m most happy to see The Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch’s official artist in residence selling paintings in a retail establishment. If I have to pick a kitsch store name for your commercial debut, I couldn’t have said it better the “If The Shoe Fits” myself. And with all that snow and your racing back and forth with paintings how convenient to have your chiropractor right down the hall! Please keep us posted on sales.

    Denny goes retail! (my paintings) Part 2:

  2. denny

    That’s okay Allee, I’d would much rather be eating a cherpumple right now then to be doing bio-psyche homework.

    Official artist in residence. I am so cool with that title!

  3. windupkitty

    woooohooooooo! go denny go!!!!!!!!!! I love The Bride!!!!!!!!! Hey, at least when you finish your psyche class you can also be the awmok shrink in residence :D

  4. denny

    Hey Wind-Up! I’m not sure what I will do with this psyche degree but I am hoping to use the arts in a therapeutic setting.

    Hey, maybe Allee will have a section here at called “Ask Denny”, sort of like a gossip and advice column for the “kitsch addiction” that we all have! It’s certainly one addiction I can live comfortably with.

    • windupkitty

      hahaah..awesome idea! that is, if you promise to nurture our addictions and advise on ways to indulge in, perfect and hone them! :D

      • Allee Willis

        Speaking of kitsch addictions, windup, you should come to kookykitsch and Messhuga Mel’s Clean House garage sale next Saturday, the 12th. It’s going to be somewhere in Oakland. I’m driving up for it (and heading right back with a hopefully stuffed van-full of kitsch). Do you watch Clean House?

        • windupkitty

          Hey, I will absolutely make it if I can and can’t wait! I’ll drop you a line…..I’ve never heard of this show until now at the awmok…I have never had cable (literally, never ever) and since everything went digital, I haven’t had channels at all….I got a converter box with one of the govt coupons, but it turns out they don’t get enough juice through a pair of rabbit ears :D So, I check out stuff at the library and find things online…I did just find this show on youtube and am admittedly a bit horrified! They had some poor child selling her bedroom lamps for nowhere near what she wanted for them to some awful person who could actually try to talk down a child! WTF!?! Having had more than a few childhood “when there isn’t dough, it has to go” experiences, it kinda broke my heart! Are these people hard up for cash or are they just trying to get rid of stuff?

          • Allee Willis

            Most of them are hoarders and the show encourages them to dump everything. No mind toward actual value or family mementos at all. In kookykitsch’s case, i think she just amassed too much stuff for her store and the inventory has taken over their house.

            • windupkitty

              oh, ok…I just watched a few more bits on youtube…reality tv is something I have very little exposure too and I forget that it’s not actually real at all :) Wow, what a cheap way to make shows though…such a strange thing too cause I don’t think reality is so contrived (it must be reality in several takes, huh?)…I do remember seeing a show that I like called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy when I was stuck in the hospital etc….Those guys were actually so smart and funny…very funny to watch and good natured too…

              Wow, I can’t wait to finally get out to Alameda and check out the scene and the kitsch collection!