7 Responses to “Giant Pink Plastic Cuckoo Clock”

    • Michael Ely

      It’s about a foot wide and two feet tall from the base to the top of the deer antlers. It has an electronic cuckoo bird with a very unnatural cuckoo sound. It was a gift from my partner. I made a joke about wanting it when we saw it in a toy shop, and he gave it to me for my b-day a couple of years ago. I was somewhat horrified that he actually thought I really wanted it. No the love birds and little sun did not come with it.

      • Allee Willis

        Wow, it’s huge! I’ve seen this in photos before but never saw one in the flesh.

        I learned my lesson long ago when I was with someone and said something was great to always clarify whether I would actually have it in my home or not. I can’t even begin to tell you how many things I have that actually horrify me but were given to me by friends who thought I would love it!

  1. windupkitty

    wow, the moment I saw this, I did not feel conflicted about this in the least! I LOve it! I guess i really do have horrifying taste :) The only thing that bugs me about it is the deer head…i’m such an animal person, that i don’t really like anything that looks like a hunting trophy..but the rest of it , is in my opinion, perfect!

  2. denny

    Spider has taste! This is insane. I have a regular wooden one with the typical koo-koo sounding bird that pokes his head in and out when it strikes the hour. My father in-law gave it to me and it hangs here in our living room.

    The deer head on this is killing me.