Bar None.

Submitted by sparkleneely February 26th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I’ve been having so much fun hanging out in the Kitschenette that I’m submitting again!  Allee asked to see my bar with the starburst that matches my lamp, and voila, here it is.  I found it one night while driving past Clothes Contact on Valencia St in San Francisco, a clothing by the pound place.  (A.K.A. The Last Stop Before The Dumpster With Some Treasures Mixed In.)  It was on display in the window and I squealed, “MINE!”  My roommate and I went to the store the next day to ask how much it was, and the hippie guy behind the counter said, “Wow.  It’s a lot.  It’s $50!”  That WAS a lot of money for me in those days (and geez, still is!) but a bargain for this dreamy thing!  As we shelled out our wadded up fives and tens, he said, “Man, that’s a lot of money.  Take some other stuff and ten pounds of clothes.”  So we grabbed a record rack, a garbage bag full of clothes and the bar, and were on our merry way.   Since then this bar has seen countless parties, spills, and has even been toppled over by a couple of drunks (errr, um, me), and it’s still one of my most beloved possessions.   And get this — my friend had the matching HEADBOARD.  Can you imagine that swingin’ bachelorette set? (My friends have the bar in brown, so that must be the bachelor set.)   So here it is, with what has turned into an ice bucket collection, a drum kit bar kit (that apparently lights up and says “Bar Is Open” in the “Suck ’em Up” font, but my bf needs to replace the lightbulb) and the bubbling Burgermeister lamp.  Cheers!

5 Responses to “Bar None.”

  1. Allee Willis

    Gorgeous bar and in such pristine condition! I love the ice/flame pattern that covers the base. Is that vinyl, linoleum or what? And then that simple little metal star in the middle… Very classy.

    It’s always so exciting when those kind of adventures happen at thrift shops, when someone doesn’t quite know what they have and feels bad for taking your money so they throw a whole lot of other stuff in. But that would make me so loyal to the place that would be worth it for them.

    Nice companion barstools.

    I have the Burgermeister beer sign in my kitchen, exact same female model from the exact same photo shoot but it’s a vertical wall sign over 2 feet long and she’s in a different pose. But same outfit, same circular yellow plastic behind the Burgermeister logo but without that great beer stein.

    I also have the copper and silver metal ice bucket on tripod wood legs. And have 35 of the Tiki mugs like the one you have that’s poking out from behind the aforementioned ice bucket. But what I don’t have and am absolutely gasping for air looking at is the drums bar tools set. I’m must know the story on that and I must find one of them. Needless to say, because of my main occupation I collect musical themed kitsch items and have never ever seen that before.

    Of course, as you can get to them, I’d love to see separate posts on each and every item in this photo!