Vintage Simplicity Pattern Catalog

Submitted by Nessa March 20th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

You are going to love this vintage Simplicity catalog!

Even if styles are similar, the prints and color schemes tend to change a lot.  I really want those shoes, I hate the spike-things that pass for shoes currently, haha.

Oh gosh, how cute is that.

Oh… those are some big pants.

One pattern can make a whole wardrobe!

I love the back on that red dress.. but I”m not sure how this is “the nude look”.. The dress on the right has cutouts under the bustline if you look carefully.

Cute swimsuit!

Kids’ wear is equally pink.

The end~

One Response to “Vintage Simplicity Pattern Catalog”

  1. Allee Willis

    That first pink outfit is so 1960s. Prim, proper and PINK. Very Candace Bergen in The Group. Love the four white buttons between the collar accenting the white on her bracelet. Love the extrawide pleats and whatever is going on around her hips.

    I was never comfortable in any of the kinds of dresses in the second photo. Though I did try something perilously close to the middle one in yellow. Thankfully it didn’t work out.

    I had a dress that was seriously close to the pink number all the way to the left. I believe I wore it to my high school graduation party. The material was cotton but with a burlap type weave, olive green on the bottom and shocking pink on top.

    Love the big extrawide belle overalls or pantsuits or whatever they are. But I never would’ve been caught dead in one of them. I think I was pretty much in jeans by this point.

    I wonder how many girls made their own bikinis?

    I love the pretzel hairdo in the seventh photo.

    I never got into custom trim like in the last photo either. The couple times I tried it was the first thing to snag so I stuck to more basic things. I didn’t start to go haywire dressing until I discovered thrift shops in my early 20s. Right after that I got my record deal and all bets were off from there.