Doing Our Part At Willis Wonderland

Submitted by Rusty August 9th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Just prior to our arrival to Willis Wonderland, we got this urgent message via Facebook:

So, in Allee’s studio, you will find a thousand round wool rugs. Completely ignore them. Ignore the signs posted all over the place telling you not to step or breathe on the plastic flooring.  The floor needs to be defaced at ALL COSTS. Bring your Sharpies and dig her drumsticks in the floor…NOT the wool rug part.

Those were direct orders from Chesty Morgan’s handler and I wasn’t about to mess with a face full of Quadruple F’s for not complying…

Jessica clawed her way through the plastic.

Mel tasted it.

And penciled it.

I, of course, dug the drumsticks deep into the plastic.

And Ken went right for the red Sharpie.

I hope we got the message right and did our best as guests.

(Pssst…blame that Windupkitty character for this little prank, if not.)

3 Responses to “Doing Our Part At Willis Wonderland”

  1. Allee Willis

    These photos crack me up!! Of course, I’m looking very carefully to make sure that you are only stepping on the round wool rugs as you prank me. If you saw what the plastic looked like once everyone’s hoof prints were on it you would totally sympathize with me. Of course, the trade-off is that I drive all guests crazy by making them walk in patterns that are not particularly innate to humans.

    I will also be using many of the same photos in part two of my documentation of our Fluff weekend tomorrow. So you can all see yourselves misbehaving twice.

  2. Ken D

    I’m surprised none of us had the brilliant idea of taking photos of us eating slabs of Fluff cake over the floor. Probably for the best as we were pretty juiced up on Colt 45 and Flufftinis.