The British Telephone Box Has A New Use

Submitted by shirlie williams February 9th, 2012
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Here in the UK, we are very fond of our Iconic red Telephone Boxes, people try to think of many ways to save them from destruction, and we have one in our village. The local Parish Council purchased it for £1 ,the phone was disconnected and removed and the council have to take responsibility for the maintenance. This one has been turned into a mini Library. I may have mentioned before that I lost my job at the Village Library last September and had to re locate, should more cuts be made I may have to re locate here !!!

The excitement of finding books…

My friend Emma trying it out for size…it was decided it was to small for both of us

Doing a spot of  shelving

Pondering my future in the smallest library , I have found….by the way the books are free, just pop one of your own in place. Not vandalised yet, mainly because the village oiks are to lazy to walk that far …

7 Responses to “The British Telephone Box Has A New Use”

  1. Allee Willis

    First off, EXCELLENT documentation and great photos!

    I LOVE that this was turned into a library and that the books are free. Hopefully they’re a little more honest aross the pond than here in the states and the books remain in the “library’.

    Good luck with the job situation. What days these are…I, of course, would love to see you as head librarian of this phone booth. That might even get me to England!

    • shirlie williams

      Thank you Allee, I think because the Phonebox contents will be ok , but im not sure how long they would last outside the village. I had to be re interviewed for my job in the library and managed to get a post at Salisbury and Wilton Libraries, so I am still in the service, I love my job working with books all day….

      I could just see myself outside the box especially in the summer, Sun shade ,recliner, cocktail and coffee table with assorted treats

      Have you ever been to the UK ????

      • Allee Willis

        The last time I was there was in 1984 to write with Pet Shop Boys. Once before in 1979, tho it meant breaking a date in the US to write with Michael Jackson so I was less than enthused when I was over there.

    • shirlie williams

      Thank You its my winter coat, that enables me to eat lots of cake and disguise it…I would love one of these in my garden..

  2. windupkitty

    FABULOUS post!!!! And I’m so sorry to hear about losing the library’s truly a crime that libraries don’t have more funding…I wish Netflix and Amazon etc would close down and libraries could have all the streaming rights to films etc…Would be a great way to fund the important stuff, not just fill individual pockets …..sigh…at least roadside library is still in tact! Makes me miss the UK and Ireland to see it :)

    • shirlie williams

      Im not sure how long the village library will last with just volunteers, I miss it as it was part of the community and I knew everyone and it was very successful, I enjoy being at the other libraries, but one of them is the largest in the county so it has a different way of working, less people interaction…I get very cross about Library cuts as Its so important for people to have access to free books especially the children…you must come over to the Uk again , stay with us the cats would love it..Miss Mabel is always looking for an extra lap ..