Charm School Graduation Certificate Feb 23, 1962

Submitted by denny April 7th, 2010
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For those of you familiar with my other post (Charm School pictures of my Mom), she recently uncovered this lost gem and surprised me with this when I was home recently. No need for an explanation of what it is. I just about died when she said she still had it! They went all out here with the gold seal and sharpie written names! I love the director of educations name – Betty O’Brien and the director I can’t figure out that name!

Here is the link for the charm school photos to go along with this this fabulous piece!

Charm School picture (late 50’s)

7 Responses to “Charm School Graduation Certificate Feb 23, 1962”

  1. Allee Willis

    Well, my favorite thing is definitely that this is a certificate for excellence in Modeling and Charm and then the info is just slapped on there in Sharpie, especially how crowded “Modeling” is and then “Charm gets to breathe.

    So great that you have this much of your mom’s stuff! Not to mention that you had a mom who went to Charm School…

    I think the director’s name is C. Charles.

  2. denny

    Glad you like. Mom was like “why on earth do you want this silly thing” and I told her “Allee is expecting it”. She then said “what’s an Allee”? I about died laughing! An Allee is a fabulous, in-tune, hipster, soul sista, and all around fab gal! Enough said! What til you see what I found today.

  3. denny

    Be patient child, be patient. Camera is out and ready to go while the outdoor lighting is at it’s maximum! I even found myself a t shirt that says “Classic Soul”. Jealous?